Minerals intake during pregnancy

Minerals intake during pregnancy

During pregnancy the need of minerals increases. Vital minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iodine, iron, selenium and zinc must be included along the whole pregnancy. Besides, it is important to have an equilibrated diet including fresh products.


Calcium is very important for the bones and teeth, and is a relevant cofactor for the blood coagulation. During pregnancy it is recommended to take 800-1300mg during the first five months and 1400 during the last three months. During pregnancy the lack of calcium can lead to damages in the bones and teeth of mother and childç It can be found mainly in milk and its derivates such as yogurt,cheese, it can also be found in Green vegetables such as broccoli, sesame, swiss chards, fennel. In case of lactose intolerance or alergy it is recommended to take soja milk and its derivates.


The body needs magnesium to form bones and it acts as a cofactor for many enzimes in the metabolism. It helps also to counteracts the contractions. Green vegetables, nuts, chocolate, almonds and seeds are very rich in magnesium. Its lack can cause cramps in legs and abdomen and also spontaneous miscarriage, therefore it is recommended to take supplements with magnesium. It is recommended to take 330mg the first six months and 450mg during the last three months. Magnesium and iron can not be taken at the same time because their effect is being anulated therefore it is recommended to take supplements in intervals of at least two hours.


The baby needs iron to form his/her internal organs. During pregnancy the blood volumen increases aproximately one litre. Iron is specially important for the hemoglobin, red blood cells and for all structures that transport and transform oxygen in the body cells. Therefore a lack of iron produces ferropenic anemia. Pregnant women need 30 mgs daily, in case of a lack of iron it can be recommended to take supplements. Iron can better be absorbed with vitamin C which can be easily found in citrus fruits such as oranges


Iodine is very important for the baby in womb to develop the brain and thyroid. During pregnancy it is important to take daily 230 micrograms daily after week 12. Iron is also contained in folic acid supplements.


Zinc is very important to desintoxicate the body. It can be found in meat, fish, eggs, whole wheat products and cheese.


Selenium is important against oxidative stress. It can be found in meat, fish and eggs. During pregnancy 65 micrograms daily are needed. This can be covered having an equilibrated diet.