Healthy diet during pregnancy

Healthy and unhealthy food during pregnancy

During pregnancy it is very important that the mother-to-be is well nourished. The diet during the whole pregnancy must be a balanced mix of meat, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, grains and cereals.

We have prepared a list of food that must be avoided due to the risk that they represent for mother and to the baby in womb. During pregnancy there must be taken care of what kind of food is allowed to eat and which not. In any case there are also many possibilities to be well nourished without limitations. This helps to recognize the corresponding food that may be avoided during pregnancy.

Taking into consideration the healthy products we recommend to have a balanced diet including a good mix of milk, pasteurized cheese like emmental or gouda; well washed fruits such as apples, and vegetables (e.g. lettuce) cereals, beverages, meat, boiled,fried or cooked fish, boiled sausages, and others such as olives, sweets, bread, muesli, cooked turkey jam and fruit or milk ice cream in a package. It is very important to take enough amount of water: Between 2-3 litres depending on the area you live. Mineral water with 200 mg calcium can be consumed. Additionally or complementary some other drinks can be taken such as fruit juice, decaffeinated coffe, lemonade without caffeine, green tea, lemonade, mineral water, fruit tea, beer without alcohol.

We included here a list of unhealthy food such as raw milk and some cheese like Brie, Camembert, feta, blue cheese and not boiled mozzarella cheese. All raw fruit vegetables and canned fruits and vegetables can also be dangerous. It is important to mention that all raw fruits and vegetables must be well washed. Raw meat, raw eggs or products made with raw eggs such as tiramisú, and pork products like jam, salami,carpaccio etc.

Regarding beverages, the following shall not be consumed: alcohol, caffeine, the maximum quantity is 5-6 mg per weight kilo, this means 2 coffee cups for a 60 kg. woman. Cocoa, pure chocolate, black tea, coca cola, black chocolate, energy drinks

It is also recommended to take enough vegetable fat, whole grain bread, and fresh vegetables and fruits in order to avoid constipation. In the same way it is also recommended to eat fish three days a week.