Pregnancy and exercise FAQ

Pregnancy and exercise - Frequently Asked Questions

Around 75% of pregnant women with healthy pregnancy do not do enough exercise. Every single pregnant women asks herself if it could be safe to do some exercise during pregnancy. We have included the most common questions and have provided you with answers.

Exercise during pregnancy – A healthy decision

It is not only good to do some exercise during pregnancy, it is very necessary to move the muscles and this is totally safe! Exercise helps to prevent preeclampsia and it may also help to have a shorter labour and increases the chances to give birth naturally.

The advantages of doing exercise during pregnancy are multiple: It releases backache and pelvic girdle pain, constipation, fatigue and keeps pregnancy niggles. It helps the entire body to relax and feel better, to maintain your body fit and avoids to get extra weight. Further, it helps to sleep better, helps to reduce or prevent depression and improves your self-esteem, prepares your body and mind for the birth and helps to get back in form after birth.

Safe exercise during pregnancy:

There are lots of options for pregnant women to choose from such as walking, swimming, stationary cycling, mat pilates, pregnancy yoga and pregnancy aerobics. It is very important to do these exercises together with a professional trainer who has experience with pregnant women.

Duration of exercise

Exercising during 30 minutes daily is enough for pregnant women. For instance taking the stairs, cleaning the house or playing hide and seek with other members of the family are great examples of combining exercise and family. Exercise can be done either in three ten minutes sessions or a 30 minutes session.  It is very helpful to combine exercises during the week such as ten minutes walking, aerobics and yoga or swimming, pilates and stationary cycling.

Not recommended exercise

Contact or collision sports such as basketball, volleyball, tennis are risky because you may be hit in the stomach. At the same time exercise which can make you lose balance such as riding, dancing, skiing, skating, gymnastics are to be avoided. In any case, after the second trimester is not advisable to do cycling.

Remember: A good exercise plan during pregnancy will always make you feel relaxed and with energy!