Baby in womb-Nutrients’ overview

Femix Omega and Baby in womb-Nutrients’ overview

At the beginning of the pregnancy many women ask themselves what kind of extra nutrients are necessary for her and her baby’s well being. We have prepared a list of necessary nutrients below.

It is important to notice that some of those nutrients such as folic acid, iron and vitamin D are crucial to be taken in a supplement in order to prevent illnesses and malformations in your baby. Besides, it is not possible to daily get them from food in the necessary quantity. Further, the supplements are also enriched with other nutrients, which can be complemented with daily food. Some other nutrients may be also taken in a supplement if the doctor prescribes them such as calcium, manganese and zinc.

It is important to nbotice that it is not recommended to take supplements of other vitamins because these can be obtained from food and because an excess of their intake causes illnesses and problems for the baby.

Femix Omega - The right amount of essential nutrients for the baby in womb

The nutrients which are necessary for the baby in womb and the mother to be are best to be taken in a supplement due to the fact that the active modern life and many environmental issues does not provide the necessary nutrients specially during pregnancy. This does not mean that a supplement substitutes eating healthy! A healthy diet is crucial for mother and baby. Which nutrients are necessary for the baby? Let's find out:

Folic acid: Helps in the prevention of illnesses of the neural tube, congenital illnesses and it is vital for the DNA synthesis. Can be found in lentils, fortified cereal, asparragus.

Iron: Helps creating red blood cells, gives oxygen to the cells, maintains a healthy immune system and creates and repairs tissues. Can be found in lentils, spinach and beef.

Calcium: Vital for the development of bones and teeth, nerves, muscles and heart. It develops the heart rhythm and the blood’s coagulation. Can be found in milk products, orange and corn.

Iodine: Regulates metabolism, helps to develop the nervous system. Found in cod fish, yogurt, salt, potatoes.

Zinc: Helps to the cell’s growth, it is essential for the DNA production. Found in crabs, tofu, yogurt.

Pantothenic acid: Crucial for the production of hormones, cholesterol and for the metabolism of the preteins and fats. Can be found in avocado, milk and eggs.

Copper: Helps to form the heart, skelet, nervous system, arteries and the blood vessels. Can be found in crabs and beans.

Choline: Helps in the normal development of the brain’s cells, prevents defects of the neural tube. Can be found in eggs, pork meat and cod fish.

Chrome: Stimulates the protein’s synthesis in the tissues in charge of the development and regulates the sugar levels in blood. Can be found in peanut butter, chicken and apples.

Phosphate: Creates strong bones, develops the blood coagulation, the kidney’s function and the heart rythm. Can be found in salmon, beans, milk and beef

Magnesium: Helps to create strong bones and teeth, regulates the insuline and the sugar levels in blood, creates and repairs tissues. Can be found in pumpkin seeds, mero fish and spinach.

Manganese: Helps to form bones and cartilagues, helps protecting cells, and activates the enzymes, which help to metabolize proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It can be found in full wheat rice, oat wheat, and pineapple.

Potasium: Helps to maintain the fluids and electrolytes’ equilibrium, helps the muscular activity and the contractions to the energy’s metabolism and the nerves function. Can be found in potatoes, plumbs, beans and apricots.

Rivoflavin: Promotes growth, good vision and healthy skin. It is essential for the baby’s bones and the nerves development. Can be found in yogurt, duck, mushrooms and ricotta cheese

Thyamin: Converts carbohydrates in energy, it is essential for the brain’s development and helps the heart and nervous system’s growth. Can be found in pork meat, wheat oat, spinach.

Vitamin A: Important for the development of the cells, eyes, healthy skin and mucose membranes, it combats infections, helps the bones’ development and fat’s metabolism. Can be found in spinach and carrots.

Vitamin B6: Supports the proteins’ metabolism, fats and carbohydrates. Supports the formation of new red blood cells and to develop brain’s tissues and the nervous system. Can be found in banana, potato, chicken.

Vitamin C: Essential for repairing tissues and for the collagen production, which is a component of the cartilagues, tendons, bones and skin. Can be found in orange juice, broccoli, strawberries, melon.

Vitamin D: Helps creating strong bones and teeth. Found in salmon and milk.

Centaxpharma's Femix Omega supplements are highly recommended during pregnancy and lactancy period due to the fact that they provide the right amount and quality of the needed nutrients. İn this way women can be sure about receiving the needed nutrients in order to experience a comfortable and healthy pregnancy and lactancy period.