Alcohol-female's infertility

Alcohol and female's fertility

It is estimated that a daily alcohol consumption of two-three drinks or 140g. a week by women multiplies by 1,6 the risk of infertility. The ovary's function of a women, which consumes alcohol regularly diminishes because the hormonal regulation gets altered and at the end an abnomal ovaric cycle occurs. This produces menstrual abnormalities and anovulatory cycles, which are characterized by the absence of an oocyte during the menstruation and without an oocyte, a fecundation results impossible.

A study realized with more than 400 women demonstrated that women consuming less than five alcohol units weekly had double more possibilities of getting pregnant within six months than those women consuming more alcohol.

Finally alcohol consumption causes involuntary abortions and a decrease in the ovary's reserve.

Female's response to fertility treatments:

Studies showing results of assisted reproductive treatments conclude that women, who consume alcohol have less number of oocytes, have less probability of getting pregnant, and have higher risk of having an abortion once pregnant.

Alcohol cessation:

Some studies make reference that the reproduction treatment's results can be worse, the recent the alcohol consumption has taken place. Thus, it is not recommended to consume alcohol during fertility treatments. In the same way it is highly recommended that both partners quit drinking alcohol on a daily basis and instead, acquire a healthier life style even though that implies an effort to abandon harmful habits for health. For example a cup of wine during a special celebration won't harm that much. Pregnant women are definitely not allowed to take any alcohol at all.