Alcohol-male's infertility

Alcohol and male's fertility

With regards to alcohol consumption by men there is no agreement about how much alcohol can cause infertility. In any case it is certain that the more consumption, the less production of testosterone and mature sperms. In more severe cases, it causes a low libido (erectil disfunction and difficulties while ejaculating) and testicular atrophy.

Researchers from the Southern University of Denmark published a study in the British Medical Journal regarding the sperm quality in 1221 men between 18-28 years old and its relation with alcohol. Results reveal that que quantity and quality of sperms diminishes the higher the alcohol consumption. These negative effects appear already by an alcohol consumption of five glasses per week. In summary it can be said that the more alcohol consumption, the worse the semen quality.


Response to male's fertility treatment:

Men and alcohol consumption has been related to an increase in the abortion rate and a lower rate of born children.

Alcohol inhibits absorbtion of zinc, which is the most related mineral to fertility. High amounts of zinc are found in sperms and this is vital for the production of a healthy semen by the testicles. Several studies have demonstrated that if zinc is reduced from the daily diet, the number of sperms decreases. Thus, considering the fact that the produced sperm while consuming alcohol is less effective and healthy and that the sperms require three months to maturate it is appropriate to reduce the alcohol consumption three months before starting with any kind of fertility treatment.

Alcohol cessation:

Some studies make reference that the reproduction treatment's results can be worse, the recent the alcohol consumption has taken place. Thus, it is not recommended to consume alcohol during fertility treatments. In the same way it is highly recommended that both partners quit drinking alcohol on a daily basis and instead, acquire a healthier life style even though that implies an effort to abandon harmful habits for health. For example a cup of wine during a special celebration won't harm that much. Pregnant women are definitely not allowed to take any alcohol at all.