Tobacco against fertility treatments

Tobacco - Against natural fertility and fertility treatments

It is well known that tobacco damages our health. Nowadays there are continuously many awareness campaigns in all mass communication media and the warning is also written in the cigarettes' boxes. Specially cardiovascular, lung related illnesses and cancer are a well known consequence of smoking.

In the same way the cigarette's smoke is totally harmful for male's and female's fertility. Smokers often do not think about it. The problem is that smoking influences fertility negatively and can reduce in 50% the possibility of getting pregnant.

Natural fertility: Several studies have confirmed that tobacco is one of the external factors that can damage the reproductive health the most. Smoking affects primarily all systems involved in the reproductive proces and damages the genetic material of the eggs and sperms therefore the spontaneous abort rate and born children with abnormalities is higher among smoking parents.

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASMR) estimates that smoking women have 50% less probability to conceive and 13% of the infertility cases are produced due to smoking.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) reports that 33% of women in the age of conceveing are smokers.

Fertility treatments: Tobacco can also impede a successful assisted reproductive treatment. Smoking women have a worse quality in their oocytes and embrios. Tobacco causes alterations in the hormonal levels that affect the semen quantity and the quality and mobility of the sperms. In smoking couples a double of cycles are needed to conceive and the implantation rates are lower. In summary the fertility treatments have worse results in couples where at least one person is a smoker.


Tobacco cessation

Even though long term smoking has an irreversible effect over the ovary's function, its harmful effect can be eliminated during the fertility treatment if the couple quit smoking before starting the fertility treatment. A study has concluded that the positive results of the fertility treatment increase if the couple quit smoking at least two months before starting with the treatment.