Tobacco- Men's infertility

Tobacco and men's infertility

Tobacco is considered a risk factor for fertility due to the fact that tobacco affects negatively the sperm's quality. Further, the passive cigarette's smoke by women is harmful for her fertility as well.

Smoking men has less number of sperms, less mobility and more abnormalities in the sperm's form and function. Besides, the probability of developing an erectil disfunction increases.

Response to fertility's treatments in men:

Tobacco can cause problems in semen and a fragmentation of the genetic material (DNA) in sperms. This means that the capacity to fertilize an ovary and the quality of the embrio (in case it is given) diminishes.

Eventhough it is still not clear how tobacco harms men's fertility studies have concluded that tobacco reduces the quality of the semen. A semen with low quality presents alterations in the volume, amount and sperm's mobility. Studies have concluded that tobacco is harmful for hormon's levels such as estrone and estradiol.

In order to improve the sperm's quality and the damages in DNA, smoking men are being treated with antioxidants together with a cigarette abandonment.

Tobacco cessation

Even though long term smoking has an irreversible effect over the ovary's function, its harmful effect can be eliminated during the fertility treatment if the couple quit smoking before starting the fertility treatment. A study has concluded that the positive results of the fertility treatment increase if the couple quit smoking at least two months before starting with the treatment.