Cranberry and UTI

Cranberry supplements - Avoiding UTI's risks in a natural way

Women and specially pregnant women have higher risk of developing urinary tract infections (UTI) and several studies reveal that it is the most common infection during pregnancy (3-4) affecting 20% of pregnant women (2) compared with 3% of the female population between 15-50 years old (9). Pregnant women are predisposed to asymptomatic UTI (4), which is caused by several factors such as the physiological changes that occur in the urinary tract, the pressure increase in the ureters caused by the uterus and the relaxation of the muscles due to the progesterone.

If the UTI is not treated on time it can cause pyelonephritis, intrauterine growth restriction, preeclampsia, preterm delivery and cesarean delivery. The UTI can be cured with antibiotics but since it is much better not to take any antibiotics during pregnancy, many studies have been researching the cranberry as a natural way of preventing asymptomatic bacteriuria during pregnancy (8). Some studies have found a decrease between 41-57% in the ITU incidence in pregnant women taking cranberries as a treatment during pregnancy (5).

Cranberry helps preventing Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

The cranberry also known as vaccinium macrocarpon is a native fruit from North America (6). It has been used since centuries for healing and preventing UTI (1,8) and its pharmacologic commercialization began in the XIX century (6). It is believed that the proanthocyanidins-tannins contained in cranberries protect against bacteria (1,9). Another study found out that cranberries reduce the incidence of UTI in a significant way after taking it during 12 months. (Cochrane, 2008)

Several studies have found out that the fructose and tannins contained in cranberries avoid the adhesion of the E. Coli bacteria's fimbriae in the urogenital epithelium (1,5-6,9). This bacteria is the cause of most of the urinary tract infections. Cranberries are also effective against other kinds of bacterias such as S. Aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Pseudomona aeruginosa y Proteus Mirabilis (6).

For these reasons it is highly recommended to take cranberry supplements in order to avoid Urinary Tract Infections specially during pregnancy so that the antibiotics intake is avoided in case an UTI appears. Centaxpharma has the right amount of cranberries needed by the body and it easily helps naturally to avoid UTIs specially during pregnancy. Besides, Centaxpharma's Cranberry contains the patented cranberry extract CystiCran™ , which uses only North American cranberries (Vaccinium macrocarpon) and delivers highest levels of concentrated and bio-active proanthocyanidins to help maintain a healthy urinary tract.


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