Advises for UTI prevention

Advises for the prevention of Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

Since the Urinary Tract Infections represent a silent risk for health it is important to have a healthy diet and life habits. Specially pregnant women must avoid in any case having this kind of infections due to the complications that the antibiotics intake may represent for the baby. In any case you must keep in mind that once you have developed a urinary tract infection you must immediately contact your healthcare provider.

In order to reduce the probability of an urinary tract infection you can follow these advises:

  • Avoid refined food: Do not eat refined meat, fruits juices, coffeine, alcohol or sweets

  • Water: Drink plenty of water every day. Between two-three liters specially in summer. In winter, at least 1.5 liters water must be drunk daily. Remember that coffe and black teas absorb the amount of water in your body, so take it easy with those drinks.

  • Cranberry Supplements: Take daily cranberry supplements. In several studies it has been scientifical proven that cranberry juice avoids the adherence of the E.Coli bacteria to the urogenital tract. (1-4). This bacteria is the one causing most of the URI. Cranberry supplements are specially important due to the fact that it is not possible to get the right amount of cranberries from natural healthy 100% cranberry juice without sugar nor food presenrvatives.

  • Vitamin C: Squeeze some oranges every day in order to get 100% natural orange juice or take a supplement. Since the body can not retain vitamin C it is important to eat vitamin C rich food two-three times a day.

  • Urinate on time: Whenever you feel you want to urinate, do it immediately and make sure all the urine has came out.

  • Cleaning: After urinating clean gently the area without rubbing it

  • Wiping: After defecating, wipe always from front to back. In this way it is prevented that the bacterias go near the urethra.

  • Washing: Clean the genital area with soft soap and water

  • Hygiene: Avoid the femenine hygiene products which are in form of spray or powder and the strong soaps which could damage the urethra and genital area.

  • No vaginal douches: Do not clean the vagina during pregnancy

  • Intercourse: Before and having sexual relations clean the genital area and urinate and avoid sexual relations if you are havin a UTI

  • Wear comfortable and clean clothes: Change your underwear every day and avoid wearing tight clothes. In this way your body will breath and bacteria won't have many chances of reproducing rapidly


Please keep in mind that most probably you have already a UTI if you present fever (higher than 38,5 degrees), chills, nausea or vomit, pain on the lower part of the stomach or flank pain. Further, if you are having contractions, pain even though you are still taking medication against UTI (pain after three days of medication) or if you have ardor while urinating. In this case please contact your healthcare provider immediately.


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