Antioxidants improve fertility

Promotil Mforte – Successfully improves fertility in a natural way

Around 8 million people in the world have sterility problems. It is a fact that the factors affecting subfertility on the men’s side are about 50% of the cases.

Oxidative stress causes subfertility

Between 30% and 80% of this male infertility is caused by an oxidative stress in the sperms and according to medical studies one man in 20 will be affected by subfertility(1). Promotil Mforte improves male fertility with strong antioxidants eliminating oxidative stress. The increased levels of reactive oxidative species (ROS) can be due to several factors such as environmental (high temperatures, electromagnetic radiation, pesticides or pollution), life style (alcohol, tobacco consumption, stress, obesity, poor nutrition), and other factors including infections and autoimmune and chronic infections.

Promotil MForte Antioxidants supplements successfully increase fertility

Promotil Mforte provides the right amount of antioxidants the body needs. An antioxidant is any molecule able to prevent or retard the oxidation, which is the loss of one or more electrons, of other molecules called substrates like lipids, proteins or nucleic acids. The oxidation of these substrates can be started from two types of reactive species called ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species): These are free radicals and other species that without being free radicals are enough reactive to induce their oxidation. The natural antioxidants included in the sperms are vitamin C and E, Superoxide dismutase,  glutathione peroxidase and thioredoxine. It is important to clarify that Copper, Zinc, Magnesium, Iron or Selenium can increase the activity in antioxidant enzymes when the body presents a lack of these micro minerals. These antioxidants eliminate the ROS and help to equilibrate the status of the cells. However it has been found that subfertile men have less concentration of antioxidants than the fertile men(1).

It is important to mention that although antioxidants can be included in the diet, their effect is not very significant due to their significant degradation/biotransformation along the gastro-intestinal tract. In several small randomised controlled trials(2) was found that antioxidant supplementation in subfertile men may improve live birth rates for couples with subfertility. In the same way it was found that clinical pregnancy rates may increase. There was no evidence of increased risk of miscarriage. Data didn’t show other adverse effects.

Moreover, Centaxpharma Promotil contains Carnipure®, which is a special grade of L-Carnitine, manufactured by the Swiss company Lonza. Threfore, Centaxpharma PromotilCarnipure® delivers high quality Lonza L-Carnitine.

For these reasons it is absolutely recommended to include Promotil MForte antioxidant supplements in the diet to reduce the oxidative stress, improve the quality of the sperms and eliminate the reproductive disorders.


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