Femixrelief for a comfortable pregnancy

Femix relief – Supplements of ginger and vitamin B6 for a comfortable pregnancy

Femix relief is successfully providing pregnant women with the necessary nutrients to have a comfortable pregnancy without nauseas and vomits. For this purpose Femix relief includes ginger and vitamin B6 which in combination have demonstrated to be very effective. Specially nowadays, when daily life can become sometimes shaky its is very necessary that pregnant women are well nourished. It is important to mention that stress, tireness and anxiety increase the risk of experiencing nauseas and vomits. For this reason Femix relief is enriched with important vitamin such as B1, B2, B12 and Folic acid which help women against this uncomfortable situation and to complement their diets. 

Advises that help reducing nauseas and vomit

Besides taking Femix relief on a daily basis we recommend some strategies that can help during pregnancy: If the nausea is before waking up, it is advisable to eat some crackers before standing up. It is not recommendable to drink liquids in the morning. Lemon and mint help to cool down the body specially when high temperatures arise. They can be added to cool water with a little bit sugar. In the same way lemon or mint tea can be drunk in winter, sugar-free chewing gums and sweets are also a good option. Carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes and pasta with only a little bit of salt are a good remedy for relieving nauseas.

Vitamin B6 is included in whole wheat cereals, low fat meat, fish, chicken, banana, avocado rice and pasta. Dry fruits also help against nausea and provide energy and valuable nutrients for the organism. 

Further, some home made advises that can help to eliminate nausea and vomit during pregnancy are: eating small amounts every three hours, including carbohydrates in the diet and drinking enough water, including fruits such as lemon and watermelon. But be careful! Oily and spicy foods, intensive odors and cigarrette smoke (directly or indirectly) should be avoided.