About Us

Centax Pharma is specialized in the development, production and distribution of high quality and highly innovative products in the field of nutritional supplements. The development and manufacturing of the products is based on the latest medical research in the field of nutrition. Development and production take place in Germany, and our products are distributed internationally beyond Germany.

For us, healthy nutrition is the key to a healthy life. In certain life situations, there is an increased need for micro nutrients – our products help to meet this increased need. As far as ingredients are concerned, we rely as far as possible on a natural origin and use micronutrients whose relevance has been scientifically proven. Gentle processing in Germany, oriented to the highest quality criteria and strict quality controls ensure the consistently high quality of the products.


 Latest scientific findings flow into products

It is important for us not only to produce tried and tested products, but also to constantly develop them further and align them with the latest scientific findings. That’s why we employ a team of professionals with broad pharmaceutical and nutritional experience to constantly incorporate new scientific findings into products. We always look for the best solution for the customer in all our products and develop innovative products. Centax Pharma is a pioneer in the market in many areas, contributing to a healthy life.

We also follow the nutritional and health claims of the European Food Safety Authority in the development and production of our products.

We are proud to develop all products in Germany and to produce them in Germany under high quality standards. This allows us not only to have short development and production times, but also to maintain a consistently high quality of all products. Together with the purchase of high-quality raw materials for production, this is the guarantee for the production of top-quality nutritional supplements.

From the formulation to the production and packaging of the products, we have everything in one hand and can also react flexibly to trends in demand.