Promotil Women

The special combination of selected micronutrients for women who want to have children.

The probability of pregnancy within a year of starting the try decrease as a woman’s age increases. Besides age, many other factors can influence the onset of pregnancy. These include for instance environmental influences such as nicotine, stress, hormonal disorders, or diseases such as endometriosis. But a sufficient supply of nutrients also plays an important role in the desire to have children. In particular, Folic acid is already relevant for the development of the baby from the first day of pregnancy, which is why a sufficient intake of folate should already be provided,  if a pregnancy is planned. Promotil women contains bioactive folate, which can be better absorbed in the body. The nutrient complex with L-arginine, coenzyme Q10, myo-inositol and other vitamins and minerals was developed especially for women who want to have children, based on the latest nutritional findings.

Myo-inositol – is a naturally occurring substance in our body and also in food. Inositol is especially present in fruits such as honeydew melons, citrus fruits, legumes (e.g. beans) and nuts (e.g. almonds, walnuts). In recent years, scientists have increasingly studied the effects of myo-inositol in women who want to have children.

L-arginine – is a semi-essential amino acid, which means that the body can produce it itself. It is one of the proteinogenic amino acids and is therefore used for protein synthesis and is a component of body proteins. Arginine contains higher nitrogen content than other proteinogenic amino acids. Arginine is involved in many metabolic processes in the body.


Grape seed extract OPC – OPC stands for “oligomeric procyanidins”. They belong to the flavonoids, i.e. the secondary plant substances. They are found in many plants and exist in different concentrations in different parts of plants.

Folic acid contributes to normal blood formation, has a role in cell division and contributes to the growth of maternal tissue during pregnancy.

Vitamin B12 contributes to the normal formation of red blood cells as well as the normal function of the nervous system and has a role in cell division.

Vitamin B12 and C  contribute to the reduction of  tiredness and fatigue.

Vitamin C contributes to the normal function of the immune system and increases non-heam iron absorption.

Vitamin C and E contribute to the protection of cell constituents  from oxidative damage.

Vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of normal bones, teeth and muscle function and contributes to a normal cell division.

CompositionPer Serving
(1 Stick)
Myo-Inositol4000 mg**
L-Arginine500 mg**
Coenzyme Q10100 mg**
Ginseng Extract50 mg**
Damiana Extract50 mg**
PABA25 mg**
Vitamin C200 mg250 %
Vitamin E12 mg100 %
Beta Carotene2 mg41 %
Folic acid ((6S) -5-methyltetrahydrofolic acid)400 µg200 %
Vitamin B1210 µg400 %
Vitamin D10 µg200 %

* RM = reference quantity according to EU regulation 1169/2011
** no EU recommendation available

Ingredients: Myo-Inositol (40.0%), filler (maltodextrin), acidifier (citric acid), ascorbic acid, aroma, L-arginine hydrochloride (12.0%), coenzyme Q10 (2.0%), grape seed extract (2.0%), ginseng extract (1.0%) ), Color (beetroot powder), damiana extract (1.0%), paraaminobenzoic acid (0.5%), anti-caking agent (silicon oxide), DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, sweetener (sucralose, acesulfame K), beta-carotene, folic acid ((6S) -5-methyltetrahydrofolic acid, glucosamine salt), cholecalciferol, cyanocobalamin

Dissolve the content of one stick per day in 200 ml of water.

30 sticks: 189 g

The specified daily consumption should not be exceeded. Food supplements do not substitute an equilibrated and varied diet nor a healthy form of living.  Store below 25°C in a dry place, out of sight and reach of children.

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