Centax A-Z Komplett Multivitamine

Important vitamins and minerals for the daily supply and support of health

An optimal supply of vitamins, trace elements and minerals are essential for our lies. They are involved in numerous metabolic processes, such as energy metabolism, blood formation or the nervous system, but cannot be produced by our body itself. Therefore, they must be ingested in sufficient quantities through the diet.

A deficiency of one or more micronutrients can lead to deficiency symptoms and a reduced sense of well-being. Possible supply gaps due to an imbalanced diet or an increased nutrient requirement in certain life situations can be covered by dietary supplements.

Centax A-Z Complete Multivitamins contains selected micronutrients for vitality and well-being. Zinc, Vitamin C and D contribute to the normal function of the immune system, while selenium and vitamin E protects the cells from oxidative damage.

Vitamin A, B2 and zinc contribute to the maintenance of normal vision.

Vitamin B1, B2, B6 and B12 contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism and normal function of the immune system.

Vitamin B6, B12 and iron contribute to normal blood formation.

Vitamin E, C, zinc, selenium, manganese, and copper contribute to the protection of cell constituents from oxidative damage.

Vitamin C, B12, folic acid and zinc contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

Vitamin D and magnesium contribute to the maintenance of normal bones and muscle function.

Niacin and biotin contribute to the maintenance of normal skin.

Iodine and selenium contribute to normal thyroid function.

CompositionPer Serving%RM*
Vitamin A800 µg-RE100 %
Vitamin B11,1 mg100 %
Vitamin B21,4 mg100 %
Vitamin B316 mg100 %
Pantothenic acid6 mg100 %
Vitamin B61,4 mg100 %
Biotin50 µg100 %
Folic acid200 µg 100 %
Vitamin B122,5 µg100 %
Vitamin C80 mg100 %
Vitamin D35 µg100 %
Vitamin E12 mg100 %
Magnesium100 mg27 %
Iron14 mg 100 %
Zinc10 mg100 %
manganese2 mg100 %
Copper1 mg100 %
iodine150 µg100 %
molybdenum50 µg100 %
selenium55 µg 100 %
Inositol50 mg**

* RM = reference quantity according to EU regulation 1169/2011
** no EU recommendation available

Ingredients: Magnesium oxide, calcium phosphate, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), inositol, iron sulfate, zinc sulfate, vitamin E (DL-α-tocopherol), nicotinamide, calcium D-pantothenate, manganese sulfate, vitamin A (retinyl palmitate), copper sulfate, vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin ), Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B1 (thiamine mononitrate), potassium iodide, chromium (III) chloride, folic acid (pteroylmonoglutamic acid), sodium molybdate, sodium selenate, D-biatorin (emulsifier) Lecithins (contains soy), capsule material (gelatine from beef), humectant (glycerine), coloring agent (iron oxides and iron hydroxides)

Take 1 capsule per day with some liquid during or after a meal.

The specified daily consumption must not be exceeded.  Food supplements do not substitute an equilibrated and varied diet nor a healthy form of living.  Store below 25°C in a dry place, out of sight and reach of children.

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